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HAMBURG, GERMANY | Vilisto, a German startup which provides digital heat management for non-residential buildings has closed Series-A funding. The round totals €5 million and is raised from SET Ventures, E.R. Capital Holding and existing investors.

vilisto’s patented technology enables efficient heating of buildings, addressing a key source of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the EU. The Hamburg-based company has digitised the heat management of non-residential buildings. Its solution centres around an intelligent radiator thermostat that automatically manages the individual room temperature. Sensors integrated within the thermostat detect motion, light and sound levels. And with the help of self-learning algorithms efficiently heat a room only when it is being used. This means that every room uses less energy, resulting in energy and CO2 reductions of up to 32 percent.

What makes vilisto’s technology stand out in a sector with many solutions on offer, is its combination of simplicity and efficiency. Vilisto’s solution can be implemented within minutes, during operations and without construction or IT-integration measures – delivering instant savings.

A large portion of vilisto’s Series A funding has come from Amsterdam-based VC, SET Ventures. SET has built a track-record of investing in digital technologies for a carbon-free energy system since 2007. Dr. Till Stenzel, the lead Partner from SET Ventures, echoed the simplicity of the vilisto solution saying:

“After looking at many approaches, the ease of vilisto’s solution is what made them so appealing to SET Ventures. Its technology is easy to implement and can truly be labelled ‘plug and play’. A building owner simply installs a vilisto device in each room, and they immediately begin saving on their heating bills. It’s a total quick-win solution.” 

Vilisto has an early lead in the German market. With over 200 customers representing around 35,000 buildings, they have achieved product-market fit and are now ready to scale further. The demand for vilisto is understandably huge. Building owners and the public sector represent a total of more than 1.000.000 non-residential buildings all over Europe searching for sustainable energy efficiency solutions.

E.R. Capital Holding, a Hamburg-based investment holding and the other investors in the financing round, have identified vilisto’s climate impact as an important selling point. “We are looking for solutions that deliver immediate CO2 reductions, and vilisto clearly falls in this category. Vilisto’s product will play an integral part in helping the real estate sector meet its ambitious reduction targets. We are thrilled to support the team on this journey”, says David Falcone Schlüter, Head of Business Development & Controlling.

“We’re primed for exponential growth”, states vilisto’s Co-Founder and CEO Christoph Berger. “Through this funding and collaboration with knowledgeable and experienced investors like SET Ventures and E.R. Capital Holding, we are prepared for the next chapter. Our technology has proven its effectiveness and saving potential many times over. We strive to use our leading position in the market to further improve the energy efficiency of the building sector in Germany and the EU.”  

For the future, vilisto plans to introduce more service benefits to serve the additional needs of its customers. “We greatly look forward to working with the vilisto team as they continue to develop their product offering and expand into new markets.”, says Dr. Stenzel. “It’s a critical problem to solve and an elegant solution they have created to do so. We can’t wait to see where they go from here!”


About Vilisto

vilisto is a Hamburg-based climate protection company that specialises in the development of intelligent heating solutions. At its heart, the vilisto thermostat uses patented, integrated sensors and self-learning algorithms to recognise the heating behaviour of individual rooms and to automatically optimise the heat management of non-residential buildings. This not only saves up to 32 percent of heating energy but makes an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

For further information please visit or contact:

Carolin Guder

Marketing Specialist

+49 40 3346 81200

About SET Ventures

SET Ventures is a lead investor in vilisto’s Series-A funding round. Since 2007, Amsterdam-based SET Ventures has invested in digital technology for a carbon-free energy system by backing pioneering founders with capital, community, and insights. SET Ventures invests in companies with sustainable solutions and a strong digital DNA that lead systemic change in how energy is generated, distributed, stored, and consumed in sectors such as distributed infrastructure, energy retail, buildings, mobility and industry as well as enabling technologies.

For further information please visit SET Ventures online or contact:

Hayden Young

Head of Marketing
+316 251 46676

The Vilisto Series-A round is supported by the financial backing of the European Union (“EU”) with capital from the ERP — EIF Facility. The Manager acknowledge being informed, and shall inform the Portfolio Companies, about the origin of the EIF invested capital from the ERP – EIF Facility (including the respective match funding invested by EIF). The aforementioned information shall explicitly be contained in any promotional or informational documents relating to the Fund and the respective contractual documents entered into between the Fund and the Portfolio Companies.

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