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The Danish solar shading manufacturer now launches a new and ground-breaking product which will redefine the perception, use and function of solar shading in buildings.

Ever since MicroShade was founded as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute, the ambition has been to provide solar shading solutions that were not only highly efficient but would also address the need for simple installation and low maintenance costs, while at the same time allowing users an unobstructed view to the outside – at all times. The ability to deliver on these parameters has placed MicroShade’s solar shading solution in buildings across Northern and Central Europe – and as far away as Australia.  While expanding sales and strategic partnerships, the company has continued to innovate, and the result is now presented to the market.

The new product, called MicroShade Film®, is a passive micro-structured film, which – when placed inside a glazing unit – blocks almost all the energy from the sun, lets the natural daylight inside the building and at the same time, the film itself is hardly noticeable. In addition, it offers no restrictions in neither shape nor size of the glazing – something which will provide architects with a much-desired freedom of design.

“Today the importance of a good indoor climate and the well-being of users is very much in focus – and our new product can contribute to improving this significantly,” says Eik Bezzel, CEO of MicroShade and continues: “It may be that other shading systems offer protection from the sun, but unlike MicroShade Film®, this is often achieved at the expense of daylight and the view to the outside”.

The new solution works on both façades and roofs and blocks of the heat from the sun, while letting the natural daylight inside the building. “Our solution is passive and requires no maintenance as it is installed inside the glazing. Together with its other attributes we believe that this new product will truly redefine solar shading,” Eik Bezzel concludes.

MicroShade Film® is expected to be available for sale from Q4 2021.