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Financial returns and

environmental carbon-free sustainable impact

Leading the way for Europe's impact VCs

Since our founding in 2007, we have been convinced that pairing sound ESG practices with a drive to create environmental impact makes us better investors and our companies stronger businesses. We are proud to see that the performance of our portfolio continues to reinforce this conviction and prove that investors can both maximise financial profits and generate lasting environmental impact

Tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided in 2022

Setting the standard for deep green funds

We take pride in being an EU SFDR Article 9 fund. We have been an Environmental Impact Fund even before the EU defined this term. Equally, the principle of ‘Do No Significant Harm’ has been integral to our entire investment process from day one. We now undergo yearly external verifications of our operations to ensure we always meet the highest standards

We go beyond just meeting the basic requirements. By regularly collaborating with industry leaders, we continually develop and refine best practices in sustainable investing for all of Europe’s impact VCs. At SET Ventures, our goal isn't just to meet standards, we aim to set new ones

Sustainable investments

We have been investing in companies that contribute to a carbon-free energy system since our founding in 2007

ESG reporting

We’ve reported on the ESG performance of our portfolio every quarter since 2012. Underpinning our conviction that solid ESG practices and financial returns go hand in hand

Integrating impact

As of 2019, we measure the impact of our portfolio companies through impact targets and were the first to link GP’s carried interest to achieving these goals

We exist to make an impact

We are committed to engaging with policymakers, impact investors and the wider venture capital community to improve our ESG/impact practices and actively shape the discussions in the industry

3M tonnes of CO2 avoided in 2022

View our latest impact report.

ESG driven investment process

We assess the impact of all investments from day one.


SET Fund IV is an SFDR article 9 fund.