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  • eibp:empower from GreenCom Networks offers efficient creation of dynamic
    lifestyle-relevant electricity tariffs and the ability to quickly update and
    refine existing tariffs
  • Collaboration between GreenCom and Hochfrequenz provides flexible tariffs
    to expand SAP IS-U billing systems
  • No expensive or risky adaptations of existing ERP systems

Built on similar principles to Service Mediation from within the telecommunications sector, GreenCom Networks’s eipb:empower sitting alongside billing solutions for instance SAP, enables the efficient creation of dynamic lifestyle-relevant tariffs and the ability to quickly update and refine existing tariffs. The product is based on complementing existing billing systems, with no expensive and time-consuming adjustments required. New customer-oriented tariffs can therefore be configured by the product or propositions team in a cost-effective and scalable process, with no excessive effort or expense required for implementation. In addition to time- or load-variable pricing, tariffs can also be linked to events; for example, football supporters take advantage of a “football tariff” whereby when their favourite team plays for instance in the Champions League, electricity during the game is provided at a discounted rate or free. Even complex energy community models can benefit, e.g. by including real-time energy sharing tariffs with additional bonuses for simultaneous local production and consumption.

The collaboration between GreenCom Networks AG and Hochfrequenz Unternehmensberatung GmbH enables operators to use eibp:empower with an existing SAP IS-U system as a backend system for billing. The connection takes place technically via modern OData interfaces and using the Business Object for Energy (BO4E) standard. Tariffs are configured via eibp:empower, which then carries out the complex processing of the detailed billing data; eibp:empower then offsets the power consumption against the respective tariffs at the billing cut-off date. A billable item is also generated in convergent invoicing (CI) and billed via the interface provided by Hochfrequenz in SAP

Payment of and in-line with regulatory processes, regulatory fees and charges incurred in addition to the kilowatt-hour rate remain part of the conventional IS-U billing, whereby the invoicing document generated there is billed with the CI billing document in SAP IS-U. Customers will therefore still continue to receive an integrated invoice.

Dr Christian Feisst, CEO of GreenCom Networks, says: “SAP IS-U is the system implemented by the majority of energy suppliers, and is a highly effective way of transacting the relevant billing processes. eibp:empower complements SAP IS-U and provides the flexibility to bring customer-oriented products to the market quickly and efficiently. With Hochfrequenz as an SAP integration partner, we have gained an expert in this field and can now help customers create flexible tariffs with just a few clicks.”

“The eibp:empower IoT solution from GreenCom combined with our industry expertise and many years of experience in the implementation and expansion of billing systems, in particular SAP IS-U, offers an off-the-shelf solution to energy providers who demand more flexibility in how they design their products”, adds Thorsten Förg, CEO of Hochfrequenz.

The solution from GreenCom Networks and Hochfrequenz enables operators to generate innovative and creative energy products without the need for lengthy and expensive modifications to their existing SAP IS-U systems. Flat rates, CO2-optimised incentive tariffs and seasonal tariffs are no longer an obstacle and are continuing the trend in the sector to offer increasingly flexible and customer-centric tariffs.

GreenCom Networks is a leading energy IoT company, with offices in Munich, Germany, and Sophia-Antipolis, France. Since 2011, GreenCom has been developing the energy system of the future. Using its Energy Information Brokerage Platform, GreenCom integrates distributed assets like Solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles and heat pumps. Based on its platform, GreenCom enables white-label end customer services like energy communities, energy flat rates, as well as optimisation and visualisation of energy flows in homes for utilities and manufacturers of energy-relevant devices. More information:

Hochfrequenz Unternehmensberatung GmbH was founded in 2009 as a specialist partner for the energy industry in strategic and operational activities. The company’s consulting services range from supporting the development of strategic business areas to the process optimisation and implementation of the legal requirements arising from the liberalisation of the energy markets. The technical experts at Hochfrequenz Unternehmensberatung design and implement both tailor-made solutions and standardised products, including those based on SAP IS-U. For more information please visit: