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Amsterdam – 12 July – Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam B.V. (ETPA) announced that it has been awarded a license to operate as a pan-European intraday energy exchange. By making energy trading faster and cheaper, ETPA’s intraday trading platform contributes to a flexible energy system that can absorb more energy from renewable sources.  

With the license, the company can expand its reach and offer services to energy traders across Europe. To support its international growth ambitions, ETPA raised EUR 5 million in growth financing from energy transition expert SET Ventures and sustainable finance leader ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund.  

NEMO license to enter the European intraday market
ETPA provides a short-term trading platform to optimise participants’ electricity production and consumption portfolio and manage congestion in The Netherlands through its connection to GOPACS. ETPA received Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO) status, providing a mandate to run the integrated intraday electricity market across Europe. In line with the ongoing efforts of the EU to make energy markets more liquid and competitive across countries, ETPA gains access to the Joint European Order Book (XBID) and thus the same liquidity as other exchanges.   

ETPA offers superior performance, ease of use and a disruptive settlement model, at the lowest costs for participants.  

Pol van de Linde, CEO of ETPA: “Energy markets were never designed for the scale that is demanded by a distributed energy system. By fundamentally redesigning the systems architecture and interfaces, we have managed to achieve the most efficient financial and physical settlement process for market participants whether they are large or small. And all that at significantly lower costs”.  

Efficient markets underpin the energy transition
ETPA enables the transition to more renewable energy production and consumption. The success of the energy transition depends on having reliable energy markets. Markets create transparency, allow vast numbers of participants to transact at scale, and accelerate the pace of innovation.   

Over the past decade, energy markets have become much more complex as renewable energy production is more volatile, decentralised and less predictable. This calls for advanced technology that can process the constant fluctuations in supply and demand.  

ETPA enables high-speed algorithmic Energy trading 

Mirroring the shift towards high-speed trading in financial markets over a decade ago, energy markets need to support the much greater transaction volumes from automatic and algorithmic trading. ETPA is a next-generation trading platform that facilitates this need. Existing participants include international energy utilities such as Vattenfall and Eneco, as well as smaller energy traders like greenhouse owners and energy storage facilities.  

Growth capital supports European expansion
Recognising the crucial role that ETPA plays in the energy system transition, SET Ventures and ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF) have invested EUR 5 million to support international growth ambitions. The financing will be used to expand the organisation with business development and development teams to serve international clients.  

René Savelsberg of SET Ventures, an Amsterdam-based energy transition venture capital fund: “Few people consider the importance of the trading infrastructure that keeps our energy system up and running day and night. To manage this more efficiently, ETPA offers a modern solution at the heart of the energy transition, which is perfectly aligned with our own mission”.  

Frederik Deutman of ABN AMRO SIF: “To ensure a properly functioning and transparent energy market, it is important that both large and small market participants have access to energy trading and congestion management. ETPA’s innovative platform plays a crucial role in this”.  

About ETPA  
ETPA offers a trading platform to provide suppliers and consumers the opportunity to make optimal use of energy peaks and troughs and facilitates a fair market price for all participants in the energy market. As participants can trade on the platform themselves – or through a third party – the platform offers more certainty about the agreed price, the delivery period, and the actual energy supply.  

About the ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund  

The ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund invests in companies with a positive environmental and/or societal impact. The fund has 425 million euros at its disposal and is exclusively financed and managed by ABN AMRO. It uses its funds to invest through direct shareholdings in the key transition sectors and contributes to accelerating the energy transition, the transition to a circular economy, and a more socially responsible world in general.   

About SET Ventures  
Since 2007, Amsterdam-based SET Ventures has invested in digital technology for a carbon-free energy system by backing pioneering founders with capital, community, and insights. SET Ventures invests in companies with sustainable solutions and a strong digital DNA leading the systemic change of how energy is generated, distributed, and consumed in sectors such as distributed infrastructure, energy retail, buildings, mobility, and industry as well as enabling technologies.