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SET Ventures, in partnership with Future Energy Ventures and Plug and Play, has released a report highlighting startup innovations that are crucial in decarbonising the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector, a key player in the European energy transition due to its 40% share in the EU’s final energy consumption.

The report addresses the complexities of the C&I sector’s diverse nature and identifies how startups are overcoming challenges like fragmented data and technological barriers by embracing decentralisation and digitalisation.

These startups are moving away from traditional energy sales towards providing novel services that enhance green energy supply and minimise fossil fuel reliance for C&I businesses. The report categorises European C&I energy infrastructure into three main areas: generation, procurement and consumption, with a focus on asset connectivity and controls.

It showcases 155 pioneering startups offering solutions in areas like on-site generation, green energy procurement, consumption reduction and alternative fuels. The study underscores a significant shift from commodity sales to service-oriented models in startups, driven by the growing adoption of decentralised energy, digitalisation and cost optimization.

Discover more about these insights and the featured startups by accessing the full report at